Tenby Historical Society

Some historical tales of Tenby

Great Houses of Tenby

Notes on some of the principal houses including two articles on Sion House, the John Nash designed villa which arose from a disputed will and was the cause of one of the last duels in Britain.

Places of Entertainment

The story of the 'Super Cinema and Little Theatre' and of of the Fountains cafe.

The Cobourg Hotel Download PDF here

When it was opened in 1816, The Cobourg Hotel was Tenby's finest. It remained in the ownership of the Hughes family until 1982.

Tenby Fire Brigade. Download PDF here

A history of the Tenby Volunteer Fire Brigade 1874 - 1901. Reproduced from an article in the Tenby Observer newspaper December 26 1901.

The 1905 Lifeboat House Tenby. Download PDF here

The construction and history of the 1905 lifeboat house including a brief account of the 1895 lifeboat house located on the slip to the castle beach.

The Goldsmiths Of Tenby

Three accounts of the principal goldsmiths of the Victorian age and early twentieth century, the Truscott and Howells families, Morgenstern, Hoffman and Zahradka.

The Davies Family

An account of a family that built much of Victorian Tenby.

Michael William Shanley.

The story of the man who developed Tenby's most ambitious entertainment complex.

Tenby Guidebooks. An introduction. Download PDF here

When Nelson Visited Tenby

An introduction to Tenby Guide books 1810 - 1970

St. Catherines Fort, Tenby. Deterrent or Folly? Download PDF here

Wall Paintings of Tenby Utube link here

The story of the discovery of old wall paintings in a Tenby house being renovated.

Tenby Builders 1780-1939. Download PDF here.

A to Z of Tenby Builders.






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